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I am Solène.

Hey there,
Welcome to my portfolio
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Copywriter & Graphic Designer


I am a graphic designer and copywriter based in California. I have previously worked with the Chris Brinker Film Foundation. I help companies develop personal and unique branding that stands out to audiences.

My Work


As a freelance copywriter and designer, I created a visually captivating logo, cohesive color palette, and new website for CBFF's rebranding.

CBFF for Portfolio 2-01.jpg

Geneva, Switzerland - a city rebrand

As an academic project, I designed new branding materials for the city of Geneva, Switzerland. This new branding's goal is to help bridge the gap between the international and local communities present in the city in order for both to feel at home.

More Fun Projects!

Get to know me and my style better! Discover more of my art and personal projects.

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